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What Does a Physiotherapist Say about the Benefits of Exercise?

We have heard, God knows how many times, about the benefits of exercise. Many know that exercise is good for both types of health. These healths include physical health as well as mental health. But the thing is that to get more and maximum effects you need to exercise regularly. The benefits of exercise start from losing weight to bringing positive effects on your mood.

But the bad thing these days is that people are living very busy life. And sparing some time or even half an hour every day has become very difficult. Due to spending eight to nine hours in the office and giving some time to family members, there is no time left to exercise every day.

According to the best physiotherapist in Karachi, it is essential to spare some time every day to stay healthy and live longer with good health. At a younger age, you may remain healthy without doing proper exercise but when you get older, it will become impossible to enjoy good health.

If you can’t spare time during weekdays, then what is the solution for you to stay fit? In that case, if you are unable to spare time during weekdays, then the weekend is all yours for spending more time in physical activities. You can spend some hours every weekend going for a long walk or go for exercise for two days.

Otherwise, if you don’t spare time even on weekends, then your health will begin to decline. And you will not be able to do anything to maintain your health but to increase your physical activities.

Benefits of Exercise

Your body and brain will get the following benefits if you make it your habit to go for exercise every day to stay fit and healthy:

1- Helps in Controlling Weight

If you ask me or any other medical healthcare specialist what is the biggest benefit of exercise, the answer will be that it helps in managing weight without facing any difficulties. A regular habit of exercise will help in bringing a reduction in weight and will also help in managing a healthy weight.

When you engage yourself in different physical activities or different types of exercises, it means that you are burning calories without doing any hard work. Remember that a habit of exercise is not hard work. One more thing in this regard is that you burn more and more calories when you indulge yourself in more intense activities.

Regular trips to your near gym can help in managing a healthy weight. But what if you don’t have a gym near your home? Then it is not a major problem. You can spare some minutes before going to the office and walk during that time in your street or try some exercise tricks at your home.

You can watch a lot of videos on youtube that will help in learning different ways exercise at home without the guidance of an instructor. Before going to sleep or after getting up in the morning you can perform these tricks at your home. There will be no need to go to a gym. At a gym, you also pay some amount of money. But while staying at home you will not spend a penny to stay healthy.

2- Makes You Happier

Bringing an improvement in your mood is also one of the biggest benefits of exercise. The benefits of exercise are not only limited to improving your mood. In addition, exercising every day can also reduce the risks of stress, depression, etc.

Going for exercise every day brings positive changes in the part of the brain that regulates stress as well as anxiety. Additionally, exercise can also increase the sensitivity of the brain to different hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine. When your brain becomes sensitive to these chemicals, there are fewer chances that you will experience depression. Because these chemicals help in relieving these conditions.

In addition to producing norepinephrine, it can also increase the levels of endorphins. If you don’t have an idea about endorphins, then we can tell you that they are responsible for producing positive feelings in the brain and they also change the perception of pain.

It does not matter in any case if you don’t do intense exercise because any type of exercise will help in making you happy by producing happy hormones and chemicals in the brain.

3- Healthy Muscles and Bones

The second foremost important benefit of exercise is that it can help in making your bones and muscles healthy and strong. You can adopt different activities such as weightlifting can play a major role in stimulating muscle building. But you will also consume protein along with weightlifting.

In addition, a regular habit of exercise can also help in releasing hormones that promote the muscle’s ability to consume amino acids.

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