Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Punter Southall Health & Safety’s technology-related enterprise Risk Policy Administration (RPA) has been rebranded to Psyon.

Psyon is launching to provide UK companies, intermediaries, as well as insurers with the latest digital and data technology to help them manage and administer their employees’ health, protection , and well-being benefits.

The company has expanded significantly over the past few years, serving Punter Southall Health & Safety clientsand offering services to important Group Protection Insurers.

Psyon’s team Psyon will build upon the successes of previous years and provide benefits for employees and insurance information to the forefront of UK businesses by offering them innovative live data services in real-time.

The company has two business divisions : the software technology arm, Psyon Digital Services, which is headed by Nicky Dunderdale and a data analytics and actuarial department, Psyon Insights, led by Anna Spender.

Psyon Digital Services will offer clients two technology platforms that are proprietary that include Psyon Elysium as well as Psyon Flex.

Psyon Elysium is a unique leading, competitive employee benefits administration online platform that improves the management of employee benefits. It offers clients accurate and current information regarding every aspect of their benefits for employees. The information includes policy details, insurance information about membership renewals, claims, and expenditure.

More than 200 of Punter Southall Health and Protection clients have already enrolled in the platform known as Gladis which is a name that will remain in use for current and future Punter Southall Health and Protection clients.

Furthermore the Psyon team Psyon will also work with other intermediaries in order to expand the client portfolio, and also offer Psyon Elysium as a service to the entire benefits and HR community to streamline the administration and management of benefits throughout the industry.

Psyon Flex is the company’s unique, flexible, and voluntary benefits platform which has seen rapid growth, and also the addition of several new customers in the last year.

Psyon Insights provides data analytics as well as actuarial consulting services. Our Psyon Insights team works with the top insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries, as corporate clients that require the most complete knowledge of employee benefits data.

The team will combine and analyze data from a variety of sources, allowing employers to make informed decisions, keep track of and make modifications to their benefits strategies without a doubt. They will also offer the wellbeing consulting service to customers. The service will use data-driven analytics to aid employers in understanding the health risks that are inherent to their workforce. These insights allow them to create an effective, customized employee wellness strategy.

Commenting on the launch of Psyon, Nicky Dunderdale said, “Psyon was created in the wake of the increasing demand for intuitive digital solutions that enhance employees’ benefits management. Our team of experts combines technical knowledge along with drive, energy, and drive to develop and deliver innovative digital solutions in real-time with the capacity to completely change and streamline the management of benefits for employees.”

Anna Spender added, “In terms of technological advancement the field of employee benefits is often neglected. Psyon’s new digital and data analytics solutions are going to make a difference – using technology to make the management of benefits much simpler and more cost-effective, and provide information that provides real insight and understanding of the entire spectrum of employee benefits. This information will assist employers design their benefits to be able to meet the demands of their workforce today and in the near future.”

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