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5 Things About Waterhog Mats That You Should Know

One well-known brand of matting is called Waterhog. Waterhog Matting is extremely well-liked among both residential and commercial clients. There are numerous different varieties of waterhog flooring available. Waterhog mats can be purchased and fitted inside your front door if you so desire. People bring in the dirt, dust, and water with them from outside, and these mats collect all three. Waterhog also makes interior carpets that may be used in any room of the house and are available for purchase.

These mats are fantastic for preserving your flooring, making your home cozier, and adding a beautiful touch all at the same time. Because they are heated, these mats can be used to melt snow even in the winter. Tiles featuring the Waterhog logo can be customized to feature the brand or logo of any business, allowing that firm to market its goods and services more. The waterhog mats can be installed in any location, such as at the entrance, the reception desk, or the elevators. They are also suitable for usage in the lobbies and hallways of commercial buildings.

Thermoplastic Plastic Polymers Are Used In Their Construction

The vast majority of Waterhog Mats are made out of thermoplastic polymers. Both polypropylene and polyethylene are used in the production of some of them. These two polymers are the most widely employed and reliable plastic polymers available. These thermoplastic polymers have excellent stain resistance and are straightforward to clean. Waterhog floor mats are 100% UV-resistant Polypropylene material.

They Are Supported By A Sturdy Rubber Back

Waterhog floor mats contain a bi-level rubber backing. It retains its shape and suppleness in all climates and humidity levels with no shrinking or splitting. It is of the utmost importance to choose the appropriate backing for your flooring. There are two different types of backings available: one is created, which is used for carpeted flooring, and the other is smooth, which is used to cover concrete, asphalt, or wood floors. Anchor in high-risk areas, safe backing is the best option for providing protection as well as movement control.

Have A Unique “Water Dam” Border

The water dam border is what sets Waterhog Mats apart from the competition the most. Because of this, mats can hold about one and third gallons of water per square yard. This is something that can be done although it may be raining, snowing, or even hailing outside. Because the mat is surrounded by this border, it is protected from mud and moisture.

They Are Very Efficient In Their Work

Waterhog floor mats have a wide variety of applications in a variety of settings. They are capable of serving all of the primary tasks of a mat in addition to a great many more. Waterhog mats are an excellent choice for cleaning mud, dust, and moisture off of one’s shoes. They can also prevent people from slipping on floors even when the flooring itself is slippery. The backing of the mats has been specifically developed to provide more traction on the floor. They are therefore resistant to slips and falls as a result of this.

A Plethora Of Choices

Waterhog mats are available in a wide range of dimensions and patterns. There are several different mats available that could work for you. Waterhog mats also have the option of having your company’s logo printed on them. There are a lot of different choices.


As a method of preventing carpets and other floors from becoming ruined by water, the use of waterhog mats is gaining widespread acceptance. They are crafted from a one-of-a-kind rubber material that swiftly absorbs water and protects the flooring beneath them from being harmed. The mats do not shift around as easily as conventional carpet squares do since they are designed to remain in place. Because of this, they are ideal for use in places where accidents are frequently experienced, such as playgrounds and swimming pools.

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