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Why do companies prefer customized offices? Here are 5 reasons

Workspaces tailored to the business needs are thriving in the current coworking office spaces market. One of the main reasons for this shift from traditional offices is the fact that neither employees nor employers are satisfied by the rigid standard office setting. Instead of the traditional 9-to-5 office, managed office spaces are custom-designed and are a more adaptable and efficient system that allows workers to work whenever they feel most productive. They’ve developed more personalized standards for their ideal work environment.

Firms today prefer to provide their employees with greater privacy by creating personalized and bespoke workspaces in plug and play office buildings. Companies today are opting for a hybrid work culture and taking up an office space for rent suits this arrangement. Moreover, adjustable and adaptable interiors in serviced offices help in reducing stress in the workplace. Users of agile coworking spaces may adjust the size of their office to suit their requirements better. Instead of relying on a “one size fits all” workplace, a managed office space may be moulded to meet the specific needs of each business and each employee.

It is increasingly advantageous for businesses to have completely flexible workplaces. Companies may expand or contract their operations as necessary. Additionally, engaging with other companies helps you to stay motivated and productive in your workspace. The term “customized managed office spaces” is often used to define efficient workspaces that are comfortable, modern, and well-designed.

Reasons to choose Customised Office Spaces

Personalizing one’s office environment is beneficial for both workers and businesses. Research suggests that making one’s workplace more personalized helps to boost morale and efficiency.

The following factors are driving the rise in demand for personalized, managed office space:

Adds a Personal Touch

Improve worker satisfaction with a custom-fit workplace environment that offers a comfortable and productive workplace in a managed office space. You may customize your workstations by including biophilic design concept or green thumb. Different brands may want to use different colors in the workplace to convey their brand’s unique messages. Because of their effect on workers’ attitudes, energy levels, and focus, colors are an essential design element of every office. You can find out what your team’s favorite colors are and include them in your office design. Businesses may improve communication and employee loyalty by encouraging them to share their opinions. Thus, a managed office is a personalized office space for you and your team.

Engage with People Around

In addition to having access to a fully furnished office space with private cabins and a lounge area, you will also have the opportunity to network with companies operating in other industries and participate in team engagement events. Enterprise offices thus, provide you the opportunity of working in a diverse and active community together.

Best-in-class amenities

Private reception, printer, pantry, breakout zone, limited access, separate washrooms, and a lounge are a common fixture in coworking spaces and managed offices. Constant power, round-the-clock security and surveillance, restricted access, housekeeping and maintenance staff 24×7, and modern audiovisual instruments are also available for you and your team.

Ergonomic furniture

Spending long hours sitting at a desk requires a comfortable chair with sufficient lumbar support. If you sit in office space with your feet flat, legs extended out, and your upper body leaned slightly backward, you’re in a decent ergonomic working posture. You are facilitating staff comfort and productivity with a warm ambience and aesthetic interiors. In bespoke managed offices, you can have office spaces that are as comfortable and as luxurious as you want. Even in common areas of coworking space that your team would be sharing along with other members, the furniture and ambience is world-class.

Thoughtfully designed managed offices

Modern organizations emphasize employee mobility, cooperation, and community service. An open workplace includes a lounge, break space, or idea room. Today, it is a basic requirement of companies to have phone booths. You would want your team to have access to world-class resources and facilities. Best design practices followed by serviced offices build dynamic, effective organizations.


Custom-designed managed office spaces let you promote your company’s brand image while also addressing your team’s requirements. Shared office spaces are the best places to fulfill tailor-made office spaces and that too within the coworking workspaces where you can engage with the community as well. Personalized coworking space in Bangalore enable companies to connect to a lively community and increase productivity.

If you also want a custom-designed workplace environment that protects your privacy and brand identity and where you can engage with a vibrant community, then consider iKeva. This reliable workspace provider is reputed to offer a balanced work-life experience with best-in-class amenities and other services.

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