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Define Everything Related To AutoCAD Text Style 

An engineering drawing is fragmentary without explanation. Notes play an essential role in a picture as they convey information about the design or clarify the purpose, which cannot be adorned alone by linework. Even if you need short notes which include door numbers or room names or you require detailed paragraphs, then AutoCAD text tools allow you to add an explanation in the way that you need to your project. 

AutoCAD Text Style 

The two types of texts used in AutoCAD are multiline and single-line. There is a trick for multiple lines to stay together, which you can achieve by moving the text, and you have more control over the appearance of numerous textbooks. If you want to write a collection of notes, then the single-line text is the best option. The single-line text helps write several single-line letters like room names. 

Multi-Line Text 

Multi-line text is the most adjustable form of text for formatting and designing. From the Ribbon Annotate Tab, the multi-line text can be evaluated. Now, you must click the Multi-line text button on the text panel. 

Command line: To start the Multi-line text from the command line, you must write T and press enter. 

A rectangular shape is represented to recognise the margins when generating Multi-line text. The text will cover the following line aside from entering the carriage return when the reader arrives at the edge of the margins. After pressing the Multi-line text button, AutoCAD will move to the action. 

A rectangular shape can be drawn to recognise the text box’s size. In the top left, the ABC notation will pop up, which is a sign of the size of the text. The text editor tab now will display all the options when the text box has been placed. 


For Multi-line text, the style option is displayed under the style panel in the text editor tab. A defined text style can be chosen in the style section of the style panel. The annotation scale turns on and off by the annotation button for the selected text and does not change the style of the text. 

You can also change the text’s size without changing the text’s style with the help of the text height field. You can click the drop-down arrow to select the recently used text heights.

Annotation Scale 

An annotation scale controls the dimensions and scale of annotation objects, including text and size. 


The formatting options used in the Multi-line text are displayed under the formatting panel of the text editor tab. The formatting can be used for various types: to make bold text, italic text, underlined and overlined text, and change the text from lowercase to uppercase and uppercase to lowercase. 

Paragraphs: The paragraph option allows custom alignment, spacing, and bullet points. 

Insert: The insert panel allows the addition of more columns, symbols, and fields. 


Autocad allows you to draw 2D and 3D designs effectively and efficiently. The AutoCAD text style will help systemise the image of text on drawings, the fonts, line spacing, and colour. 

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