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Digital technology in the life of modern man

Digital technology in people’s lives today has included 10 key components. Depending on your profession, personal interests and hobbies, some will be more relevant to you than others. In this article, let’s look at how people are using digital technology to keep up with the trends of the times.

So, we can distinguish 10 key components of the digital life of modern people, both the community and each individual.

Online Presence

Your online presence gives not only your friends, but the entire community, the opportunity to see you online. Your Internet presence includes (may include):

  • A portfolio site, necessarily with adaptations for mobile devices;
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Advertising resumes on major job sites;
  • Your professional articles, links, information about you appearing on other sites.
  • Site-card.

Site-card. It is a small web-site on several pages with necessary for a user, customer, consumer information. As opposed to a portfolio site, the business card site is designed for a company, not for a private person. A few pages contain comprehensive information about the activities, services and prices of the company. Her addresses and contacts. Site business card turnkey is developed in the shortest lines at affordable prices. Today, the business card site is a must-have digital “footprint” of any company on the Internet. Read more on Кирилл Юровский`s website.


Today, email and a personal mailbox on the Internet allows you to receive and send a wide variety of information packages: letters, documents, video files, photos, etc.

Your mailing list can include advertising banners for your professional activities, personal and work correspondence, newsletters.

Email is necessary for you to register and authorize on the sites of stores, social networks, social and governmental agencies.

Buying on the Internet

Today, using online stores and Marketplaces in our daily lives has become an everyday occurrence. Online stores give us the opportunity to buy the goods we need at any time of the day, even when the doors of your nearest store are closed.

Communicating with people

Today remote communication between people without personal contact with both acquaintances (friends) and strangers has become normal. Using digital technology in human life we can call, write, send video, make video calls from any place to any person present in the Internet.

Digital technologies allow us to be aware of our friends and colleagues, relatives and children, relatives and passing acquaintances. Through the Internet you can get acquainted, communicate, correspond.

Digital security technology in human life

Today, Internet security has become a key component of digital technology in human life. It includes:

  • Safely saving personal data, authorization passwords and digital footprints.
  • Mastering systems for backing up one’s websites and social media profiles.
  • Secure use of email, smartphone, payment systems, online banking.
  • Interaction with your employer.

Digital technology in human life has allowed us to not go to work in the usual sense of the term. Working remotely from an office has become commonplace. The tools and instruments that have been created thanks to digital technology allow you to perform your professional duties from anywhere.

Digital Freelancing

Technology allowed millions of people not to think about permanent jobs. Modern freelance exchanges allow thousands of employees to find remote work in any freelance profession: programmer, designer, artist, copywriter, lawyer, accountant, engineer, photographer.

Mobile digital technology in human life

Digital technology has given man a smartphone, cell phone, and tablet in his hands. Mobile websites and useful mobile apps help you solve problems and perform certain tasks from anywhere at any time.

Improving quality of life through technology

The right digital technology in human life can greatly improve our quality of life. Using technology to communicate, shop, get social and health services makes our lives better.

Cloud-based digital technology in human life

Cloud technology means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet rather than on your computer’s hard drive. Personal cloud storage allows you to increase your storage capacity, expand your ability to share files and data without using real drives on your devices.

Advances in transportation

Advances in trains, buses, cars, planes, and speedboats have made it easier to travel in much less time. Many different apps, such as Uber, have helped make it incredibly easy to get to your destination inexpensively.


Digital technology plays an important role with a variety of tools in improving social connections and increasing the speed of communication between people and networks. It offers you a versatile working style and expands your learning opportunities. These days, it plays a vital role in automating and storing information. You can switch to editing after checking out duplicate content with digital-based image search. GPS and mapping systems, entertainment apps, breaking news, banking and finance apps are some of the bright advantages of digital technology.

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