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How Can You Check Your Account Balance Without Physically Visiting the Bank?

Digital technology today has simplified various chores that earlier required both effort and time. You do not require going to the bank to conduct your banking or financial transactions, for instance. You can simply transfer your money, check your account balance, deposit the funds and do other crucial chores with just a click on the button. Still not clear? Suppose you have SBI and Allahabad bank; now, to conduct your crucial financial transactions, you do not require visiting the bank, nor do you require calling up the SBI balance check number or Allahabad bank balance check customer care numbers in case you want to check your balance as you can simply do so through the respective bank’s app. As you constantly conduct transactions through online platforms easily, you must ensure to keep track of your account balance too.

As you constantly conduct transactions, you must ensure to keep thorough track of your bank balance. By checking up on your account periodically, you can stay informed about possible mistakes as well as frauds. Push notification, email, UPI (unified payment interface), net banking and various other means can be used to check your bank account balance.

Read on to know how you can check your account balance in just 8 simple steps –

Ensure to keep the listed points in mind for checking your account balance –

∙       To begin, ensure your phone number is registered with the bank.

∙       To send and receive SMS and make calls, your mobile number should be active.

∙       Use a smartphone for such transactions. The reason for doing so is you can use distinct applications like UPI apps, banking apps, etc., if you have an active net connection.

∙       Your ATM debit card must be linked to your account.

∙       You must even have an active net banking service.

Via net banking

To check your saving account balance, the common mode is using a net banking service. In order to use this feature, visit the bank’s official site on your smartphone and log in. In case it is your first visit, ensure to register by clicking on the ‘first-time user’ or ‘register’ tabs.

Ensure to follow the listed steps to register – 

∙       Input your account number, email address, phone number, CVV number, email address and other asked details. Submit this form. While doing so, an OTP (one-time passcode) will be sent to your registered phone number.

∙       Input your username and passcode post inputting the OTP. Your bank account will now be set up.

To access your savings bank account, select the login button from the drop-down option. Note that, with this option, you can check your bank account balance at any time through net banking. Also, it permits you to conduct a variety of banking transactions and activities.

Use an ATM

Through ATM as well, you can check out your bank account balance. To check your account balance, you must insert your ATM debit card into the ATM machine and follow as directed on the screen. It is advised you use your own financial institution’s ATM or ATM network affiliated with the bank. Other ATMs generally may impose a fee even if you do not withdraw any money.

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Mentioned below are important instructions about how to check your bank balance through ATM –

∙       Swipe the ATM debit card.

∙       Input the ATM PIN (4 or 6 digits).

∙       Select the option “balance enquiry” from the drop-down.

∙       Complete the transaction.

Reserve Bank of India has imposed a specific limitation upon the number of free transactions that are allowed per ATM card. Balance enquiry is even put into the transaction category. After you have used up the free transaction limit, you are levied a transaction charge for every transaction conducted during the month.

As an outcome, ATM debit cards must just be used for withdrawing your cash or other services. You can check your bank account balance through mobile or different online modes. Note that both modes are cost-effective and convenient.

Via text messages 

Sending any text message is one of the simplest ways of checking your account balance in the bank. The majority of financial institutions provide this service to you. You can request a quick balance update any time once the financial institution has extended the service. Account balance info is instantly sent to you through text message. The message alert must be automatically turned on. Whenever there is any financial transaction conducted on your account, you will be notified instantly. You will even get the most current balance info. Message alert service is often provided by most financial institutions. In such a service, your phone receives an instant push notification whenever there is any activity in your bank account.

By using a missed call service

When you make a missed call through your registered phone number, the bank sends you an update notification. However, the listed info is required to receive a missed call balance update.

∙       Most crucial condition for this procedure is that you must hold a registered phone number. You will just get a balance update if your mobile number is registered with the financial institution.

∙       To receive an SMS or conduct a missed call, your mobile number must be active.

∙       Service must be available.

By directly calling your bank

Call your bank in order to check your balance if you want a traditional method. While you might require contacting during specific hours to speak with the live person, most financial institutions come with automated systems for delivering account info 24 X 7.

Via UPI and various other banking applications

One of the simple and convenient measures to check out your account balance is via UPI and other crucial banking applications. If you do not want to install several banking applications, the UPI app is a good choice. Ensure to follow the instructions mentioned below in case you are using the banking app for the first time –

Step no. 1 – Download as well as install the UPI app on your mobile.

Step no. 2 – Authenticate the SIM associated with your registered phone number.

Step no. 3 – To validate your mobile number, the app will send across an SMS.

Step no. 4 – After successful authentication, you will be prompted to form a unique PIN as well as a unique UPI ID.

Step no. 5 – Create a 4-digit UPI code as per your preference. The registration procedure is complete now.

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