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Increase Your Brand Popularity With Custom Boxes.

Household items such as candles are trendy today. The demand for scented candles has only increased since they became famous. Existing brands needed help meeting this demand, so new ones emerged. The emergence of cardboard candle boxes resulted from new brands emerging every day.

Why Cardboard Candle Boxes Can Benefit Your Brand

Our daily lives are filled with foldable boxes made of cardboard. Boxes are used for a variety of products, including cosmetics and medicines. Below are a few benefits of using cardboard candle boxes;

The Simplicity and Elegance of the Design 

 In addition to being easy to mold into any shape, cardboard is also naturally able to withstand that shape. Both the client end and the warehouse end find them easy to use. There is no limit to the complexity of the design you can print. 

Lightweight and space-saving 

 In comparison to bulky boxes, they are light in weight due to their cardboard construction. The collapsible design makes them easy to flat pack and store. 

An affordable, made-to-order product 

It’s the new norm to make custom candle boxes. There is no longer a need for bulky white boxes filled with packing peanuts to protect your products. Your brand’s presence is enhanced by modern-day candles’ sleek, beautiful packaging.

Cardboard boxes that can be used to hold candles

 Candles Boxes come in several varieties. 

Tuck End Boxes

A tuck box is one of the most commonly used candle packaging options. 

A flap on top covers and shuts the box and two dust flaps on the sides. At the bottom, the construction is similar. This product is one of the most cost-effective options available.

Hexagon Tuck Box

Have you thought about creating something unique and out of the ordinary? Think outside the box and create hexagon boxes for your candles to make them stand out. Shape is one of the benefits of using hexagonal boxes. There is enough space to print anything you like since the sheet has six sides. 

Packaging that is eco-friendly

It depends on your requirements whether eco-friendly packaging is the best option for you. Provide your supplier with the diameter and height of your candle container, and they will advise you on the best box dimensions. 

In terms of environmental friendliness, Kraft material is said to be the best. In terms of box styles, kraft can be used to create any box that can be made from cardboard. However, kraft printing has some limitations, like its inability to print in full color. 


A brushed metallic finish can be applied to a specific area through hot stamping, also known as hot foil stamping. Copper, silver, and gold foil are commonly used colors. The brand logo is usually foiled to enhance the packaging appearance from a distance. 

Inserts and Add-Ons

There are a variety of add-ons to choose from, but we’ll list some of the most popular ones;


There is no better option for protecting candles than inserts. In addition to keeping candles safe during transit, they can be custom sized to fit candle dimensions. 

When foiling and inserts are combined, your customers will have the ultimate unboxing experience. In the future, they will always return to your company for more services.


Initially, we explained how cardboard could be used for retail packaging and the advantages of doing so. A few simple facts about cardboard material were explained and how you could use them to your advantage.

Following a brief introduction, we discussed some common box styles and eco-friendly materials. Kraft material can also be used to create some box styles. Finally, inserts were discussed in terms of their importance and use. Finally, a brief explanation of the colors available for add-on foiling (hot stamping) was given.


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