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How to deal with the price increase of Cisco exams?

At 9:00 am on June 24, 2008, we got news from VUE China Cisco Exam Registration Center that all the exam fees for Cisco certification CCNA-CCNP-CCSP-CCIE have all increased in price.

The price of all Cisco certification exams has increased, and this price adjustment will affect the world. CCNA price doubled! From the original 125 dollars to 250 dollars, CCNP’s 901, 812, 825, 845 each increased by 20% CCNP’s 642-892 price increased by 60% CCSP each increased by 20% CCIE written exam increased 11.11% After the price increase, the price of CCNP’s 2-in-1 exam 642-892 is equal to the price of 901+812. The price of exam 3 and exam 4 are the same, and there is no discount like before.

The exam cost for CCNA 802 used to be 125 dollars and is now 250 dollars. CCNP892 exam cost was 187.5 dollars, now 300 dollars, exam 845 was 125 dollars, now 150 dollars, exam 825 was 125 dollars, now 150 dollars. The CCIE350 series was 315 dollars, now 350 dollars.

What do you think of this Cisco exam cost increase?

  1. The reason for the sudden price increase of Cisco certification is guessed that the reason for the price increase is estimated to be to increase the value of Cisco certification, and to obtain greater profits for a single door. However, from the perspective of Cisco’s operation certification training methods, the Cisco certification market has thriving in recent years, and the price increase of Cisco certification across the board must also have its strategic intentions.
  2. What are the consequences of the Cisco certification price increase? Cisco’s single-exam certification profit is higher, and the Cisco CCNA certification profit is more than double the original profit. Of course, Cisco will also lose a part of the certification market; there will be some people who will turn to other valuable certification exams. After the news of Cisco’s price increase came out, when they talked about this topic with the people in the test center, the people in the test center were worried that after the price increase, no one would take the Cisco certification exam again. After the CCNA price has doubled, more people will take the CCIE exam directly, and the laboratory locations of CCIE in Beijing and Hong Kong will be more tense; according to the news received today (2008.06.24), there are hundreds of experiments in Hong Kong some time ago. The room locations were also all lit up.
  3. What coping strategies will students have? The first category, only studying without taking exams, or turning to Huawei exams or Red Hat exams, is mainly to find alternative types of exams. This group of people mainly adopts the replacement strategy. The second category, continuous examination, is suitable for unit examination requirements, or rich masters. This group of people mainly do not have the pressure of examination cost, and do not want to accept the cruel CCIE examination. The third category, the direct CCIE test, puts more pressure and challenges on candidates. This group of people is Cisco’s faithful believers, or Cisco’s enthusiasts, determined to make achievements in the network industry.

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