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5 Reasons to Choose DIY Home Cleaning Solutions in a Pet Household

Using commercially purchased cleaning products for your home can be detrimental to your canine’s wellbeing. Eliminate the presence of harmful chemicals and reap the advantages of do-it-yourself cleaners.

Those who care for pets may know the potential health hazards that come with using harsh chemical-based cleaning products around their dogs. Ordinary household items like kitchen and floor cleaners, dishwashing liquids, furniture polish, and bathroom cleaners can trigger severe reactions in both canine pets and humans.

The positive news is that numerous do-it-yourself cleaning remedies are available as substitutes for these conventional household cleaners, granting you all the advantages of a pristine living space. At the same time, as a responsible dog parent, you may want to consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs.

With cheap dog insurance, you can rest assured that your frisky pet can avail of quality medical care during allergies, particular illnesses, and medical emergencies, including toxic poisoning, with little economic hassle.

Contemplate purchasing a policy. In the meantime, read this article to learn reasons to choose DIY home cleaning solutions over commercially available cleaning products in a pet household.

1.Lower exposure

By not using potentially hazardous household cleaners in your residence, you will be lowering the chances of your pup ingesting or being exposed to them, thus minimizing the risk of illness.

2.Improved air quality

Household cleaners containing harsh chemicals not only leave residue on surfaces but can also emit fumes into the air. By eliminating them from your surroundings, you create a healthier environment where both you and your pets can breathe fresh air.

3.Healthy environment

Your living environment will remain cleaner and devoid of any hazardous residues left by synthetically made home cleaning products. You can live without the constant concern or fear that your dog’s surroundings harm its health and wellbeing.

4.Environment friendly

Cleaning products made at home often require only a couple of items easily available in your kitchen. For instance, salt, lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar are often used in making cleaning solutions.

5.Less expensive

The basic ingredients used in homemade cleaners are typically more affordable than buying a single bottle of commercially manufactured cleaner. These are natural ingredients readily available at your local grocery store that don’t stress your wallet.

How to make a dog-safe home cleaner?

Follow the below instructions to make an efficient and dog-safe home cleaner.


  • Combine the hot water, baking soda, and white vinegar in a pot or bowl that can handle hot water.
  • Stir the ingredients together until the baking soda is completely dissolved.
  • Allow the mixture to cool down.
  • Carefully transfer the cleaner into an empty spray bottle.

If you desire disinfection and deodorization, consider using tea tree oil due to its antiseptic properties; add a drop or two of essential oil so the cleaner smells appealing. Don’t like the vinegar scent? Don’t bother; the smell will gradually fade away.

Maintain cleanliness in and around your home; however, consider being prepared with pet insurance for dogs so that tackling unexpected health situations is much easier. Cheap dog insurance allows you to support your pooch with timely medical care for covered health conditions up to the benefit limit, which is why you should contemplate purchasing a policy.

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